Wood Inlaid Furniture

Wood Inlays in Classic Italian Furniture

Wood inlays are a classic design element of Italian furniture. Inlays are mainly done by hand by expert craftsmen, even today. On table tops, on the anterior surfaces of consoles and in wardrobes, this beautiful artwork adds a touch of elegance and a clear mark of handmade detail.

Inlays are achieved by placing different types of wood (or other materials such as marble or mother-of-pearl) into the wooden surface, composing an intricate palette of colors and a variety of wood textures.


The natural pattering of the wood creates a one-of-a-kind design.

Traditional Furniture Design

The carving and inlay techniques are performed by expert craftsmen who continue a long Italian tradition of artisanry. Once the design has been chosen and the pieces have been laid into the piece, the surface is polished and smoothed and then placed under a heavy press for two days.

Inlays are a unique traditional process that allows intricate detailed designs to be set directly into the furniture. We work closely with our artisans, at times commissioning one-of-a-kind motifs at the request of our clients.

Inlays are by nature one-of-a-kind, and even if a common design is used, due to the uniqueness of the wood and the artistic craft of the work, each piece of furniture finished with this process is different from any other. Inlays are a timeless design element, embellishing elegant dining tables or consoles most often.

Intricate design motifs in wood inlaid furniture are timeless and elegant.

Wood Furniture Interiors

The wood furniture that we offer are objects of high artisan quality, results of intricate artistic labor done almost entirely by hand. These special pieces are both practical and significant, adding a touch of luxury to any interior design. Placed in kitchens, dining or living rooms, furniture finished with classic inlays represent a design element that can make a big impact in the overall elegance of a room.

Generally, these pieces marry perfectly with classic and traditional furnishings. Often, they are used in modern or contemporary interior design to create a pleasing contrast. Woods that are generally used in this kind of artistic word can range from walnut, to cherry or durmast. The different shades of natural coloring of the woods allow for intricate designs to be realized.

Our mission is to respond to the needs and desires of individual clients. We therefore offer personalization of almost all of our selection of furniture, allowing you to create the perfect piece according to your preferences.

An inlaid dining room table set is both practical and elegant.

Antique to Contemporary Italian Furniture

Surfaces with wood inlays are general finished with a wood tint that allows the appreciation of the detailed design. They can also be softly lacquered to create a gentle shine. The flexibility of personalization and of a wide selection of furniture allows our clients to furnish their home according to personal style, easily blending with classic, country, traditional and contemporary interiors.

Whether in a credenza, a wardrobe or a dining table, wood inlays have the capacity to give value to the elements they finish. The decoration of inlaid furniture give the great advantage of infinite possibilities of color, style, and design to satisfy all desires.

We also offer some antique pieces, finished with this delicate process, adding to their beauty and value. Inlays are a timeless design element, and whether in antique furniture or in contemporary pieces, they ground the design in the roots of the past, and recall the tradition of craftsmanship finished by hand.

The true value of inlaid furniture lies in its natural uniqueness, due to the hand crafted art and the variations of the wood that is used. An inlaid piece guarantees the continuity of a long artistic tradition, creating furniture that is timeless, and beautiful.