Lighting for Interior Design

Furniture, Design, and Lighting

The lighting in a home is a key element of interior design. Placement and type can help transform a space, especially in a multifunctional room, and they work together with room size, availability of natural light and furniture choice.


Classic wall sconces create a warm glow accent dark walls for a dramatic interior. Design by Grifoni.

A few well placed focal lights can create a mood in every room. Layering different kinds of lighting is key to creating warmth and coziness in a space. Ceiling fixtures and large lanterns create general ambient lighting, and should be bright enough to adequately illuminate the room. But wall sconces, smaller fixtures focused over a specific area, and table lights cast a mellow glow and accent certain design elements in the home, such as a decorative table, or a special art piece. Having multiple light sources allows you to control the mood and style of a room. 


Play with natural light to brighten a room, and accent lighting to create focal points. Design by Grifoni.

Lighting and Design for Living

This can be especially useful in rooms that are used for different purposes at different times of day, such as the living room or the kitchen. You may use your living room in the morning to work or to read a book or the paper. For this, you are going to want a good overhead light plus possibly some task lighting if the room isn’t particularly bright. On the other hand, in the evening when you want to sit back and relax you probably want minimal overhead lighting and can instead opt for more calming floor or tabletop solutions. Adding a floor lamp or table lighting softens the overall atmosphere and creates a warm accent to natural illumination and your main light source.

Lighting also affects how wall colors, furnishings and accents appear, making it one of the most important design elements of any space.


Unique handmade hanging lanterns add general lighting, and design points. Design by Grifoni.

Layered Lighting

Lighting is a subtle and effective way to create a homey feeling. By layering your lighting options in each room, you can control the mood and transform any room, especially great for rooms that may change function throughout the day.