Italian Wrought Iron Furniture, Bedroom Sets

Artisan Process

Wrought iron is a versatile metal working technique that has been used to build bridges and buildings, but also finer productions like ornate furniture. The name wrought iron derives from the process through which the metal is worked. The iron is wrought, or beaten out and shaped with a hammer to eliminate slag, stony waste matter separated from the metal during its smelting or refining. Wrought iron is a difficult material to temper due to its low concentration of carbon, also making is a light and extremely versatile.

Wrought iron furniture is often created with light and airy designs.

Wrought iron furniture produced with this traditional method can be both modern and classical. The design of the bed depends on the artisan, who can shape the iron in a wide variety of ornate or sleek shapes.

Commonly, the technique is used to produce beds, bed frames, and bedroom sets elegantly designed with intricate decorations typical of classic Italian furniture style. The open space of the designs confer an airy and light aspect, making a wrought iron bed a perfect bedroom furnishing accessory for any style, from traditional to modern.

Sleek lines and a dark finish make for a modern bed design.

The artisan process of wrought iron furniture is a historical Italian tradition in design and furniture. The beds and furniture accessories we offer are entirely Made in Italy by expert artisans.


Wrought iron bed frame with curved lines creates a classic bedroom accessory.

Classic to Modern Design

Wrought iron can be worked into a variety of forms and models, resulting in delicate and romantic designs from modern to classic styles. Thanks to its versatility, wrought iron furniture is ideal for many styles of homes and furnishings. This furniture marries beautifully with romantic, colonial, classic, and country design. The color of iron furniture can vary from tones of black, to brown, grey, bronze or delicate pastels.

Darker finishes such as black and brown iron beds are elegant and somber accessories for chic homes, while lighter variations offer a more romantic and softer furnishing accent.


A white finish is perfect for a country chic design.

The artisanal production of our furniture permits its constant innovation, while remaining attentive to the traditional processes and designs of working iron by hand.

Bedroom Sets


A classic bedroom set makes for an airy and light design element.


Another classic design bedroom set.


One particularly elegant style of wrought iron beds is the canopy bed. A canopy bed can be modern or classic, simple or extremely intricate.

There is such a wide range of choice of style, color, and models, the perfect wrought iron furniture accessories can integrate elegantly into many different homes and interior design styles.

Canopy beds are an elegant example of the many styles wrought iron furniture offers.