Italian Country Home Furnishing, a Modern Touch


Classic furniture is king for decorating an Italian villa, but adding a hint of modern offers contrast. 

Classic and Contemporary Furnishings

Clean lines, sleek surfaces, sculptural forms… There’s a lot to love about contemporary furnishings, but they can come with a serious intimidation factor—especially if you naturally gravitate to more traditional design. But maybe you can get inspired to embrace a modern accent of your own.

A touch of modern edge can make a classically beautiful room that much more compelling. In a space grounded in traditional design, a modern side table can be a bit of a wild card. But a statement kitchen table with modern clean lines, and a smooth wood finishing adds a welcome freshness to a traditional country kitchen—making everything around it shine that much more.


A modern dining table in a classic kitchen can bring the design together.

Dynamic Dining Room

For a large dining space, a sculptural modern table can be a gorgeous focal point. Pair it with a set of traditional dining chairs and a glitzy chandelier for an ideal blend of classic and contemporary.

Homes that layer in different styles are dynamic and interesting. But too much mixing and your eye doesn’t know where to land, and winds up confused and unhappy. The most successful rooms seek some common ground, where everything finds a way to get along. 

Anchor a room with a traditional rug and accessories, and then juxtapose them with modern art for a fresh feel. A splash of colour is another great way to add a quirky finish to a traditional room.


Modern and classic interior furnishings blend happily, juxtaposed with a pop of colour.

Balanced Design

Even the bathroom can be an unexpected place to mix up the interior design style. A splash of bright colour balances the classic tub, vanity and mirror. The contemporary accents keep this bathroom fresh and interesting.

Retaining the heritage of your home is important. Balance rustic elements with fresh, clean lines and colours. Try showcasing antiques. You don't need a whole room full of special pieces, just a few key choices will maintain your home's sense of history.