Italian Designer Sofas

Italian Leather Sofa

Beautiful top grain natural leathers add a touch of class to the living room. In collaboration with carefully selected and trusted tanneries, the producers of this fine luxury furniture are continually devoted to innovation and tradition, carrying on the highest form of furniture Made in Italy. This allows them to obtain unique leathers, which lend our products aesthetic, timeless elegance.

The production process for our luxury Italian leather sofa sets begins with the selection of hides, which are then carefully cut to the form needed for each sofa. The final product, made of very fine and soft natural leather, highlights the richness of the full grain and honors the traditional craftsmanship of Italian furniture design.

Top grain Italian leather and expert stitching by hand ensure luxury sofas that last a lifetime.

Designer Sofa Set

We collaborate with extremely talented and experienced Italian furniture designers to offer our customers the finest sofas and sofa sets. The furniture is a synthesis of two traditional cultures: expert artisan tradition and classic Italian design.

These sofa sets express glamour, warmth, and charming style and are made with the highest quality raw materials like top grain Italian leather and solid wood frames. Classic sofas with a dash of modern elegance and design marry into any style living room to create a welcoming atmosphere. The inspiration comes from classic Italian design, and the principles of quality furniture Made in Italy.

The sofa designers introduce beautiful and refined Italian textiles, leather and other raw materials which are then worked by hand by expert artisans to bring to life the original designs. The resulting sofas are precious, with hand sewn cushions, they are unique furniture elements that bring Italian design into the living room.

A luxurious blue velvet sofa marries classic Italian design and contemporary style.

Production Process

Every step of the production process is carried out by expert artisans with great care to detail. The sewing and upholstering of our sofas are two of the steps that best define this attention to detail. Elegant stitching is performed by hand or by machine, enriching the product and highlighting the elegance of Italian design and style.

Every sofa and sofa set is finished with upholstering by hand, making each furniture piece an authentic expression of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Starting from the design, to the finished product, each step of the production process is checked rigorously for quality. The selection of top grain leather or textile for the upholstering and solid wood for the sofa frame is done with the utmost respect for the finest raw materials. 


A true expression of quality furniture Made in Italy. Hand sewn and upholstered with soft grey velvet.