Italian Designer Bedroom Sets

Italian design, function and classic style make the difference in creating a bedroom oasis. Our bedroom sets and separate furniture pieces for the bedroom are luxurious, well-crafted and designed with the care of artisan hands.

Walnut Bedroom Sets

We offer hand-carved master beds and matching bedroom accessories made from European walnut, called noce nazionale, one of the most precious and coveted woods in the world, valued for its resistance and hardness cut from trees that are more than a century old. The details are hand-carved, adding an artistic design to the sturdy raw wood with its deep red brown tones. These designer furniture sets are made in solid wood to last more than a lifetime. The quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship with which the furniture is assembled guarantees not only beautiful design, but long lasting quality.

Wrought Iron Beds

Another classic style of Italian bedroom design is present in our selection of wrought iron beds and bedroom sets, hammered by expert artisans. Iron is a highly esteemed material, worked by hand with traditional artisan procedures. An iron bed or headboard offers a touch of vintage to give a bedroom character and style. They marry happily in rustic and welcoming ambiances, giving the bedroom elegant personality without being excessive. Classic Italian iron beds are a long-lasting design choice, because they transition beautifully in a wide variety of styles. If you decide to redecorate the bedroom, you can be sure that your bed can transition with you. These iron master beds and furniture sets are a timeless design choice always in style.


Hand-crafted iron beds are a classic Italian design choice for the bedroom.


Artisan crafted details make this classic bed a work of art.

Italian Upholstered Bedroom Sets

For a more romantic bedroom design, another classic option is an upholstered headboard. Here with a hand-carved wooden frame, careful details such as classic Italian carved designs and delicate gold leaf finishing, these pieces make a precious addition to the bedroom.


A beautifully upholstered headboard creates a romantic and timeless bedroom design.

Italian Bedroom Design

To enjoy your bedroom oasis to the maximum, pair bedroom sets and furniture accessories with plush bed linens in natural materials like linen, cotton, or for the utmost luxury a touch of satin.

Also, when decorating the master bedroom, or any bedroom in the house, color is an important factor that can transform how you feel and how you sleep. The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house and should be an oasis to relax in, and enjoy a moment of rest. The colors you choose to decorate with can help you rest easier.

A classic and always stylish theme is a monochromatic bedroom: the all white. The choice of a white or cream palette imbues the ambience with light, and gives freedom to play with more colorful bedroom accessories like throw pillows or curtains.


A neutral palette ensures a relaxing bedroom oasis.

If you prefer a neutral palette, but want to steer away from white, there are many color choices that decorate a bedroom perfectly. Try earthy tones, from subtle greys or eggshell to bolder khakis, taupes and mauves. They infuse the bedroom with a welcoming coziness and create a comfortable and warm ambience when paired with classic furniture accessories.


Warm cream and earthy tones are a welcoming design option.

Less vibrant tones create a relaxing and understated atmosphere which is perfect for the bedroom. If you want to explore new colors, choose faint blue or green grey. The secret is in avoiding aggressive colors that may detach your bedroom from the sober, calming environment that lends itself to a restful private escape.