An Interview with the Experts

What is your role in Veracchi Mobili and your experience in the field?

Massimo: I have been a seller and coordinator for Veracchi Mobili for 28 years.

Tim: I have been an interior designer for Veracchi Mobili for the last 4 years.

What are the particularities of furniture Made in Italy?

The particularities of furniture Made in Italy are above all the design, the raw materials, and the expert artisanal labor, which often varies from region to region. For example, in Tuscany, you can find excellent designers, in Brianza they specialize in the polishing of the wood in the final product.

Can you describe some of the styles of furniture Veracchi Mobili offers, and the homes you generally furnish?

Above all we offer timeless classic furniture; that is, furniture produced today that reference the esthetics of antique pieces. Speaking of antiques, we also offer some original and one-of-a-kind antique pieces that offer a special touch in decorating a home. Contemporary is another style we often use in furnishing a home; which is to say a sort of middle path between modern and classic, which marries the curves of the unmistakable classic style with, for example, more modern lacquer colors or finishing decorations. These blended pieces allow us to furnish a single room in two different styles, without it seeming out of place. We also offer furnishings in country style, which bring a more rustic aspect to a design, while still remaining elegant.


A personalized wood dining table inlay, based on a design brought to us by a client. Only by working closely with our artisans can we ensure each client's wish is satisfied.

How do you respond to personalized demands of clients?

We respond to the personalized desires of our clients by working closely with the individuals, and together finding the perfect solution to satisfy them. Choosing the perfect design for a home is very personal, and can also be emotional. People come to us not just looking for a practical solution for a house, but really asking for help in creating a home they may have dreamed of for a long time. Our goal is to understand exactly what it is they are hoping for, and then create a unique design that is feasible in terms of practical issues such as space or budget, but also lives up to the client’s ideals for their home.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in furnishing a home for a client? 

We attempt to confront any kind of possible problem through comprehensive planning in the initial phases. And communication is very important here, to make sure there are no misunderstandings with the client and to ensure that we are working with the vision of the entire design as the client imagined it.

How do you ensure the quality of the artisan furniture you offer?

The quality and distinction of our furniture is given above all from the uniqueness and high level of personalization of our products. When a client enters our showroom, they only see a small part of what we have to offer. If they see a dining table they love, but would like it in a different finish, or with a different inlay design, we try our best to respond to these desires. We work very closely with our artisans to ensure the client’s wishes can be fulfilled. Most of our pieces are completely personalized, from simply changing the upholstery of a certain sofa design, to creating a unique inlay for a dining set based on a photo from a client. From years of working closely with our artisans, we have the possibility to respond to practical needs like space, color, finish, and style. The final result is a piece or a set highly studied and conceived absolutely for the individual client.


We have built strong relationships with our artisans, to respond to clients' particular needs and desires.

What kinds of materials are used in Veracchi’s furniture?

We offer a lot of solid wood furniture. Some are made in very prestigious woods, like aged walnut, cherry, or durmast. Other pieces are realized with less distinguished woods, nonetheless of high quality, such as poplar or chestnut. However, thanks to the expertise of the artisans and the high level at which the wood is worked these pieces also offer a beautiful finishing that lasts a lifetime. 

Why should a client choose Veracchi Mobili?

Other than the reasons mentioned before, from the personalization to the artisanal quality to the raw materials, a client should choose Veracchi Mobili for the direct relation with our designers and artisans. We are an established company, with years of experience that has matured with the care of the Veracchi family, who have worked in the furniture sector in Italy for over 100 years.