Hand Carved Wood Furniture

Artisan Wood Furniture

The hand-carved details in our traditional furniture, called in Italian l’intaglio, is the artistic technique by which are realized the decoration of the surface of the wood with the help of various types of chisels. The technique of hand carving the wood is used to sculpt ornate furniture, frames for mirrors and beds, dining sets, dining table and chairs. At the base of this ancient art are classic designs, which remain common motifs in Italian furniture still today.

This work is still done completely by hand, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each piece of furniture. Examples of pieces traditionally finished in this style are dining room tables and chair sets, sofa tables, entryway tables, mirrors, wood frames for upholstered headboards, and lamps. Beech and walnut are common choices of wood, due to their high quality and hardness. Floral and botanical motifs are the most common decoration for the wood carving.


Solid wood sofa table delicately embellished with intricate carvings.

Classic Design - Dining Room Sets

Wood carved furniture can be antique or contemporary, modeled after classic Italian designs. The finished pieces recall styles of the twelfth century, and are completed completely by hand by expert artisans in the traditional methods for carving the wood.

Dining room sets with elegant wood tables and matching chairs are a common product created in these traditional methods. The legs of the tables are often ornamented with ornate floral motifs, as well as the chairs and other furniture accessories to furnish the dining room. Many of these dining sets that we offer are made of noce nazionale, an aged high quality walnut wood.

Round and rectangular dining tables are mounted of solid wood sections joined by dowels. The legs of the tables are ornamented with impressive classic motif carvings. The tables are finished by hand, polished and lacquered.

A classically designed dining room set, with intricately carved and gilded table and upholstered chairs.


Botanical motifs create a delicate dining set.

Carved Process

The first step of creating wood carved furniture is the selection of high quality wood. This may be oak, walnut, pine or walnut. The wood chosen must be well seasoned, and is usually taken from trees that are at least a century old.

Next, the carving begins with the rough cut. This step of the carving process begins by cutting away large pieces of the wood and follows the design of the final piece of furniture.

Once the design begins to take shape, it must be refined with precise carvings. This process is very delicate and requires a talented artisan to finish the beautiful designs. After this step is completed, the wood furniture is ready to be polished, lacquered, and often gilded.


Detail of a day bed with botanical motif carvings.