Interior Design to Warm Every Room

Your home may be yearning for a design update as the temperatures outside drop. From the living room, to the bedroom here are some ideas for furnishing your home to create a warm and cozy space.

Yes, winter has officially arrived, but indoors there are warm fires and hot chocolate to keep us cozy! Just a few easy design updates in you home can ensure the intimate and inviting atmosphere you desire. So, let's dim the lights, crank up the fire, and settle in for a cheerful winter. 


Color can have a big impact on how we feel in a room. While summer might be a perfect time for airy blues and whites, the dark winter months call for something with a bit more drama. Think wine reds, plum purples, and emerald greens to add a captivating splash of color and personality. A warm wall color can keep a large living room from feeling to airy.


Light sofa in a warm living room. Dark red accents are a perfect interior design update for the winter.

Just a few touches of color can really make an impact. Switching out the decorative pillows on your sofa can be a quick and striking way to introduce a new accent color into your living room. In combination with a luxuriously warm throw blanket, the sofa will easily become the most inviting position to nestle into and unwind. 

Rugs and Blankets - Play with Texture

Next step, play with texture. A long pile wool rug is both practical (for keeping your feet warm and cozy, especially over tile, wood or stone floors) and aesthetically alluring. Rugs play an important design role in the home because they automatically bring the furniture together harmoniously, and section big rooms into smaller and more intimate spaces. This can be even more important when you are facing an especially large living or dining area. Big spaces can feel impersonal and, if they aren't set of with the right pieces, can end up looking empty and a little cold.


A wonderfully soft rug and beautifully carved coffee table highlight a classic and inviting living room.

Rugs are a relatively simple way to achieve big gains and infuse your home with comfort. If a new rug still seems like a big step, there are other accessible ways to pile on texture. Throw a  warm, luxurious blanket over the couch or bed. Not only is this a great, practical solution to keeping warm, but it is also visually enticing and especially if you choose a rich brown, mauve or burgundy, adds another layer of depth to the room. And it is sure to make staying home on those grey winter days even cosier!


A blanket in a rich brown, and bedside lamps create multiple levels of warmth in the bedroom.


Finally, go for the glow. This last tip is all about lighting. Home illumination is essential at any time of the year, but especially as the days get shorter, a few expert tricks can give your house a romantic glow, and keep it from feeling gloomy. Sconces, floor lamps, and accent pendant lights can help create warmth. 

Floor lamps are versatile additions for the living room. They can be dramatic accents, with a style all their own, or you can pick something more subtle, with a design that blends into the overall space. Floor lamps can be used both for ambient lighting, to perk up a dark corner, or for task lighting, perfect for reading a novel on those winter nights. 

In the winter months when there might not be as much natural light available, use some simple tricks to reflect brightness throughout the room. For example, sconce lighting mounted against a mirror will reflect and duplicate the light created. Hanging pendant lamps add drama and draw the eye to chosen elements in a room.


Hanging pendant lamps in the bedroom add layers of illumination.

You could also consider adding a dimmer, since an intimate evening by the fireplace calls for a subtle gleam. The same effect could be accomplished by favouring floor lamps with drum, bell or tapered covers, which radiate a soft illumination and avoid harsh overhead glare.

Follow your style personality and you are sure to create the perfect charm and atmosphere this season. Plus, just a few simple touches will make all the difference. We hope you have a warm and cozy winter!