A Tradition of Classic Italian Furniture

Italian Craftsmanship

Veracchi Mobili offers classic furniture in Italy and around the world. Made in Italy, our furnishings blend tradition and expert craftsmanship.

One hundred and fifty years ago, the tradition of Veracchi Mobili began with one blacksmith working passionately and purposefully in a hot, dark workshop where he created characteristic wrought iron beds. This is where our story began, and where our roots were deeply planted in the highest quality craftsmanship.

Since then, this same passion for detail has been passed down through over five generations. Our family have become trusted resellers of quality traditional Italian furniture. Our partner artisans still realise the details of many of our pieces by hand, preserving the natural warmth of solid wood and enhancing it with artistic inlays. The details avow to the skilled, worked hands of the past, and personalisation of classic pieces creates a space with the lure of history and the practicality of today.


Artisan details create an elegant and classic wrought iron bed frame.

Made in Italy

Our family still lives among the rolling green hills of Umbria in Central Italy, where the golden sun drapes over acres of aged vineyards and medieval stone castles preserve a history of ages. The beauty and history is alive in every valley.

Today, our company offers custom furniture solutions to help you enhance your dream home.

We specialise in furnishing country homes in traditional style, with special pieces that warm your home with natural Italian charm. Each piece we offer in our showroom is hand selected by our expert staff, with years of experience and a keen eye for evolving interior design.

Our desire is to enhance your home with pieces that recall the quality and beauty of the past while blending contemporary practicality and sophisticated elegance. The artisan and the artist, with master hands, conserve and perpetuate the techniques of the past, a tradition resulting in special pieces to adorn your home.


Craftsmanship and tradition, creating classic Italian furniture for over 150 years.

Classic Furnishings

We believe that behind the pieces we welcome into our house there should be a story, a history and a link to tradition. For this reason, we partner with only the best craftsman in the region.

We are excited to share our new website with you. We hope you find it both inspiring and useful. 

We are passionate about furnishing dream homes, and offering generations of expertise to help you enhance your space.